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Ginger & Rye

An experimental microbakery

Who we are

After two weeks of quarantine in March 2020, with five kids at home, all puzzles completed, not much on Netflix to allure us, and chilly weather outside, a lightbulb went off for me. What if now was the time to open my long-dreamed of bakery? I've been baking since I got my first "Now you're cookin'!" kit in fourth grade, and reading recipe books since preschool. My travel revolves around bakeries, and I still fall asleep with a stack of cookbooks at my side. Perhaps it was time to try a small, family-run bakery.

With our other work responsibilities, I knew that a small delivery bakery, based in our home kitchen, was the way to start. With encouragement and support of my husband Rex, and a little bit of enthusiasm, mixed with many groans from the kids, we started week one with one item: our favorite sourdough bread. With the thrill of baking our first twenty loaves over, we wanted to do more. Now, with each week running, we add to our favorites, trying new combinations of flavors, from old European to American mashups. The flavors we like are a result of the places and people we know, everywhere from Utah, New England, and Portugal, as well as other parts of Europe and South America. Exploration of flavor and place is one of our favorite pasttimes, and we hope to pass along these experiences each week to our customers. 

Natalie Nielson

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Just north of BYU campus
Provo, Utah